How do you use the brand and the tagline?

  • Make sure all uses of the CTE brand and CTE brand messaging are consistent with the CTE brand promise.
  • Always use all three components of the CTE brand image described in the User's Guide: the brand graphic, the brand positioning theme and the brand name.
  • Do not use the CTE brand image on items for sale.
  • Authorized use of the state-specific versions of the CTE brand image is limited to state agencies and educational institutions that offer CTE programs.

Communicate the Brand

It is important for each state to engage all state staff in using the CTE branding materials. State staff should get in the habit of using the logo at every opportunity and they should integrate the brand color scheme and messaging into their broader marketing plan.

As a CTE advocate, you can help state staff understand that using the brand logo, color scheme and messaging is a way to demonstrate that they are proud representatives of CTE. Remember, if state staff are not consistently using the branding, then local educators and other key audiences will experience mixed messaging, and the brand will have much less impact.

When using the CTE logo, state staff should refer to the User's Guide for specific guidelines and recommendations.

Additionally, state staff should begin to view co-branding positively, rather than seeing it as a burden. Each time the CTE: Learning that works for America® logo is used in conjunction with other logos, it is evidence that CTE works with other organizations and has strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. When you do use the CTE brand image in conjunction with other logos, please refrain from placing those logos in close proximity to the CTE brand image. See the CTE Brand User’s Guide for additional guidance.

Templates to help states brand their communication:

State example resources:

CTE Resources

States must begin to use the CTE: Learning that works for America logo, color scheme and messaging as they create CTE resources. CTE administrators, educators, students, parents and others should begin to experience a consistent look and feel whenever they receive resources from state leaders.

State example resources to help you communicate the brand on CTE resources: