Achieving the promise and return on investment of high-quality CTE will require greater commitment and involvement from everyone interested in better education, a stronger economy and a brighter future for the country.

That includes policy and funding support from federal, state and local sources; engagement by business and industry; leadership in secondary and postsecondary institutions; advocacy among students, parents and communities and more. All of it will be necessary to make sure quality CTE is working for all of us—and for America.

To help raise awareness, improve understanding and communicate the important role of CTE in the nation’s future, we have made a number of branding resources available to NASDCTEc members and the public. Feel free to peruse this section for public resources, and contact NASDCTEc directly for further information on adopting the brand for your CTE enterprise.

In this section, you can find the logo user agreement, fact sheets to help you make the case for CTE, videos to promote Career Technical Education nationwide, print-friendly materials that you can share with others and resources that will help you make presentations about the CTE branding campaign or about CTE generally.