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Business and Industry Partnerships

"Online Series Examines Business-Education Partnerships" by Zach Miners, originally published in District Administration, February 1, 2007:

"An Explanatory Study of the Relation of School-Business Partnerships and Developmental Assets to School Success Among Urban High School Students" by Peter C. Scales, Ph.D., Karen C. Foster, Ed.D., Marc Mannes, Ph.D., Megan A. Horst, Ed.M., Kristina C. Pinto, Ed.M., and Audra Rutherford, Ed.M. :

"The Role of Businesses in High School," U.S. News & World Report,

"National School and Business Partnerships Award," The Council for Corporate & School Partnerships (features links to case studies):

"The Community Partnerships that Could: How High Schools, Chamber/Business, and the Community College Did It!" – presentation by DeAnn Thomas, Joe Unterreiner, Dan Zorn, and Ivan Lorentzen, Kalispell, Montana:

"Career Clusters: Calibrating Regional Workforce Supply and Demand" (example from Texas), by Cynthia Fisher Miller, Dan Belcher, and Judy Bell:

"Fast Track to Careers Streamlines the Transition from High School to Work," presentation by Dr. William R. Flanary, Washington County, Tennessee: