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Green/Sustainabilty Knowledge & Skill Statements


The goal of this U.S. Department of Education funded project is to incorporate green- and sustainability-related knowledge and skills standards into the existing National Career Clusters® Framework. These standards followed a format used in the 2008 Knowledge and Skills Statements and represent an addendum to the statements.

States may, but are not required to, develop and implement career and technical education programs of study in one or more of the16 Career Clusters® identified by the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc) that are recognized by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE). The 16 Career Clusters® are occupational categories with supporting industry-validated knowledge and skills statements that define what students need to know and be able to do in order to realize success in a chosen field. Within each of the Career Clusters® and Career Pathways, programs of study have been developed that outline sequences of academic, career, and technical courses and training that begin as early as ninth grade and lead to progressively higher levels of education and higher-skilled positions in specific industries or occupations. Most, if not all, states are using one or more of the Career Clusters® as the basis for implementing their career programs of study.

These green/sustainability-related knowledge and skills have been identified to assist states and local programs to prepare individuals for green occupations by incorporating these knowledge and skills standards into the 16 Career Clusters®. Further, specific standards also were developed for six Career Cluster® areas that are likely to experience the greatest need for green workers: Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources; Architecture & Construction; Information Technology; Manufacturing; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics; and Transportation, Distribution, &Logistics.

  • A PDF document that provides the Knowledge & Skills Statements for resulting from the Infusing Green Standards project. The document provides all of the development statements, performance elements, and sample indicators for six of the Career Cluster® areas and a set of cross cutting expectations intended for all areas of instruction.

  • The one-page document provides a brief overview of the Green/Sustainability Knowledge and Skills Statements project.

  • An online module that provides the background, resources and additional insight to the development and use of the Green/Sustainability Knowledge & Skills statements. The online is an interactive tool for use by those interested in an experiential engagement related to the statements.

  • The PDF document provides references to additional resources recommended by the Technical Working Group (TWG) members within the each of the six Career Cluster® areas that developed Green/Sustainability statements. The resource does not imply accuracy of links or represent endorsement, but are provided as an resource

  • The PDF document identifies the Technical Working Group (TWG) members that contributed to the development of the Green/Sustainability Knowledge & Skills Statements.

  • This co-sponsored webinar will present an overview of the process and resources associated with the development of Green and Sustainability Knowledge and Skills statements in six Career Clusters® that are now available for use by states and local schools districts. Participants will learn the details of how the statements were developed, review the developed statements, obtain information about accessing additional resources, as well as hear about strategies for implementing the standards.

    Presentation PowerPoint and Recording

  • Located within the CCTC online database are also the Green/Sustainability Knowledge & Skills, Performance Elements and Sample indicators. Access to the online database provides an opportunity to create custom reports of the statements created through the project.