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“Redesigning the High School Experience for College and Career Readiness”

The National Career Technical Education Foundation (NCTEF) and Microsoft Corporation's U.S. Partners in Learning program have partnered to develop “Redesigning the High School Experience for College and Career Readiness,” an inspiring four-volume series to guide school leaders in developing more innovative and effective curriculum for high school students using the Career Clusters™ Framework.

This unique collection can serve as a valuable tool for lowering dropout rates and better preparing students for college and career. Each guide highlights an innovative initiative designed and launched to give students a high-impact experience within one of the school’s programs of study (POS). Together these initiatives provide highly visible and tangible activities related to the knowledge and skills contained in four different Career Clusters™.

Each guide tells the story of how a school successfully brought the initiative to life, sharing tips and insights to help school leaders interested in aligning their curriculum to the Career Clusters™ Framework.

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Redesigning the High School Experience for College and Career Readiness