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2008 Knowledge & Skills Statements

NOTE: NASDCTEc has recently supported the creation of the Common Career Technical Core (CCTC), a set of common, program-level standards for CTE that are fewer, higher and clearer. The CCTC is built from the foundational components of the Knowledge and Skills Statements along with recent research and input from education and industry experts. States are expected to voluntarily work to adopt the CCTC over the course of the next few years. NASDCTEc is working with states during the transition to the CCTC along with providing updates to educators and the general public.

If you are an educator, the 2008 version of the K&S remain a viable resource, but we encourage a review and analysis of the CCTC standards to identify alignment to the existing teaching and learning expectations.

Welcome to the 2008 Career Clusters™ Knowledge and Skills Charts! All of the careers in each of the 16 Career Clusters™are sub-grouped into Pathways. The number of Pathways per Career Cluster™ varies from two to seven.

The 2008 Knowledge and Skills Charts are provided as PDF files and also as customizable Excel documents.

There is a Knowledge and Skills Chart for each of the 16 Career Clusters™ that displays knowledge and skills common to all careers in the entire Career Cluster™. There are also 79 Knowledge and Skills Charts that display the Pathway Knowledge and Skills common to all careers in each Pathway.

The 2008 Knowledge and Skills incorporate some content updates that were recommended by a few of the Cluster National Advisory Committees after the 2006 version was released, and they also have been revised to have a more consistent look and feel in terms of breadth, depth of knowledge, and format across all 16 clusters. Additionally, in the 2008 version, knowledge and skills that are essential in any employment situation have been organized into a set of "Essential Knowledge and Skills." These essential skills are the starting point and should be contextualized within any pathway and plan of study.

Two Career Clusters™ have had name changes that are reflected in the 2008 version: The comma was deleted from Business Management & Administration; and Marketing, Sales and Service is now just Marketing. There are also some pathway title changes and/or consolidations in the Business Management & Administration, Finance, Marketing, and Information Technology clusters. There are now therefore 79 pathways instead of 81.

Using the Career Clusters Knowledge and Skills Statements to Shape Programs of Study

Essential Knowledge and Skills

NOTE: The CCTC (mentioned at the top of the page> also includes an overarching set of Career Ready Practices that apply to all programs of study. The Career Ready Practices include12 statements that address the knowledge, skills and dispositions that are important to becoming career ready.

Click on the name of a Career Cluster™ to display its Foundation Knowledge and Skills Charts, followed by the Pathway Knowledge and Skills Charts.