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Revision Resources

Several resources were utilized during the review, revision, and industry validation process. Below are a list and links to access the resources used to guide the process and provide insight into the adaptations that were made to the Knowledge and Skill Statements.

  • Specific information is provided on how Subject Matter Experts can gain access to the online portal to review and validate the revisions to the Knowledge and Skills Statements.

  • The PDF document provides an overview of the review, revision and validation process for the Career Clusters Knowledge and Skills statements.

  • As the work on revising the Knowledge and Skill Statements ensued the Standard Setting Guidelines were used to establish an expectation of rigor and alignment to the expectations established in developing the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts. The chart provided shows the guidelines and alignment to the revision process.

  • A number of benchmark standards, certifications, and resources were identified as part of the review and revision process. The following provides access to the resources and includes additional information about how to access further information about the resource online. The resource is provided as an Excel workbook with 16 separate worksheets for each of the 16 Career Clusters. The inclusion of the resource does not imply endorsement, but rather is identified as a resource that was used to inform the revision process.

  • The following is a quick guide to the validation process of the Career Clusters Knowledge and Skills. The online resource provides an opportunity for subject matter experts from across the country to provide valuable review and information about the revised Knowledge and Skills statements.

  • The writing team members responsible for the synthesis of subject matter expert feedback and review of the benchmark standards associated with the 16 Career Clusters and 79 Pathway areas. The brief bios are located here.