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Validation of Knowledge and Skills Revisions

The validation portal is now available at

New Subject Matter Expert (SME) reviewers can create an account on the site and begin the validation review.

If You Previously Reviewed
If you reviewed statements in the online portal in the spring of 2011, welcome back. Thanks for coming back to review the proposed revisions. Your input was invaluable. Your username and password are again activated and you are assigned the same collections as you previously reviewed. Thanks again for your time and insights.

Collections Available to Review
There are knowledge and skill statements for each of the 16 career clusters. When you register, you’ll indicate which Career Clusters™ you believe you have the expertise and experience to review. Those collections of statements will be presented to you. Additionally, everyone will be presented with a collection of Career Ready Practices. Please review these. These statements reflect the practices that every student should continue to develop throughout their educational progression in order to be "career ready".

"Green"/Sustainability Standards – as a special project, supplemental standards defining the knowledge and skills for green/sustainability related careers have been defined for six of the Career Clusters™. If you select one of these six clusters, you’ll also be presented with a collection of green/sustainability standards, too. Please review these standards as well.