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  • What is CTE? (September 2014, PDF)
  • CTE and Programs of Study (September 2014, PDF)
  • CTE and Dual Enrollment (September 2014, PDF)
  • Career Technical Education and Labor Market Demand (January 2012, PDF)

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  • CTE Talking Points: The Basics (November 2014, Word PDF)
  • CTE Talking Points: The Skills Gap (November 2014, WordPDF)
  • CTE Talking Points: Innovation & Entrepreneurship (November 2014, Word PDF)
  • Career Technical Education: Learning that Works for America (September 2013, PDF)
  • CTE: High Expectations, High Outcomes (September 2011, PDF)
  • CTE Leads to College and Careers (July 2011, PDF)
  • Why Business and Industry Support CTE  (July 2011, PDF)
  • Cuts to CTE: A Problem for Business & Industry (July 2011, PDF)
  • CTE Provides Opportunities (2011, PDF)