Friends of CTE Blog Series Provides Platform for CTE Advocates

Silver Spring, MD (December 5, 2012) - Providing students with Career Technical Education encourages the cultivation of job candidates who have employability skills, workforce experience and an understanding of their career options, said Roy Schroer, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources with Union Pacific Railroad. In a new Friends of CTE Blog post, Schroer addresses the demand for skilled workers to fill the workforce pipeline.

“Providing Career Technical Education options to students as early as possible will provide a new stream of job candidates who have a much better understanding of their desired career, which makes for happier, more productive and efficient employees, as well as a deeper and stronger workforce for American businesses,” Schroer said.

Union Pacific Railroad, among the broad range of businesses that rely on skilled workers, is experiencing a shortage of qualified workers that could be cultivated in CTE school settings, said Schroer.

“The opportunities to teach students the knowledge and skills in the present educational process need to be addressed sooner than later,” Schroer said.

The Friends of CTE Blog is a monthly guest blog piece hosted by the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc). The blog provides advocates – from business and industry, the research community, and organizations – to articulate their support for CTE. Guest bloggers provide their perspective on and experience with CTE as it relates to policy, the economy and education


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