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WASHINGTON, DC (March 1, 2013)–The National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc) is launching a large scale alignment study to compare the Common Career Technical Core (CCTC) against state Career Technical Education (CTE) standards. The goal of the study is to assist states and territories in their efforts to improve the quality of CTE programs.

The CCTC includes a set of standards for each of the 16 Career Clusters and supporting career pathways that encompass industry-validated expectations of what students should know and be able to do after completing a program of study. The CCTC also includes an overarching set of Career Ready Practices that apply to all 16 Career Clusters. The Career Ready Practices include 12 statements that address the knowledge, skills and dispositions that are important to becoming career ready.

“There is a compelling need to embrace a shared set of standards for CTE that meet a quality benchmark,” said Kimberly Green, Executive Director of NASDCTEc. “The results of this alignment study will provide states and territories with a clear understanding of what it will take to implement the Common Career Technical Core, ensuring that students nationwide have the knowledge and skills to successfully compete in today’s global economy.”

NASDCTEc is partnering with Global Skills X-Change (GSX) and The Center on Education and Training for Employment at The Ohio State University (CETE) to conduct the alignment study.

The alignment study includes two parts:

1. A policy scan to better understand how states develop, adopt and implement CTE standards.
2. An in-depth analysis of state standards to gauge alignment with the CCTC.

NASDCTEc plans to publicly release the results of the alignment study in October 2013 at the fall membership meeting.

More information about the CCTC and the alignment study can be found at www.careertech.or/CCTC.


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