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CTE Brand FAQs

Response to the CTE brand initiative has been extremely positive—and scores of CTE supporters across the nation have asked how they can get involved. Additionally, a number of questions have arisen regarding the specific use of the CTE brand materials. Following are some of those frequently asked questions—and the answers. Don't forget to review theUser's Guide as well for some user basics.

If you have any other questions on the use or application of the CTE brand, please contact NASDCTEc at or at 301-588-9630.

What if we already have a state brand for CTE?
In order to create a singular brand for CTE, we would like all states to eventually adopt the national CTE brand, but we understand that some states have created their own identity for CTE and have built some equity in that brand. Using two brand logos for CTE could be cause for confusion, but it may be possible to use your state brand and the national CTE brand on materials, if you keep them separate and distinct. Guidelines on using the national CTE brand in conjunction with other brand logos are provided in the CTE Brand User Guidelines.

If your state wishes to eventually enjoy the benefits and synergy of the national CTE brand, an option may be to start using the national CTE brand (or your state specific version) in materials as you reprint or as you create new materials. Over time, the national CTE brand (or your state specific version thereof) will become the brand for your state.

Can we use the CTE brand theme with our own state logo/brand for CTE?
Adapting the theme line "Learning that works for America" or "Learning that works for (YOUR STATE)" to another brand logo is not allowed. It is important and essential that the CTE brand theme always be connected to the national CTE brand.

Can we use the CTE national brand without the tag line "Learning that works for America"?
The tag line should always accompany the CTE brand logo in order to define CTE for the audience and convey the value proposition for CTE. For that reason, we have provided you with a variety of authorized logo configurations that all include the theme line. One of these should be applicable and useful in any situation.

We have our own tag line for CTE in our state. Can we replace "Learning that works for America" with our tag line in the CTE logo?
"Learning that works for America" is an integral component of the CTE brand and, therefore, cannot be replaced by another theme or tag line.

Our state has other information related to CTE that we have used in conjunction with our brand. If we adopt the CTE brand, can we include that information with the CTE logo?
The CTE Brand User Guidelines provide information on the "safe" area to be maintained around the CTE logo. You can add other information as you see fit, as long as you keep it outside that safe area—and as long as it does not detract from or compete with the CTE brand logo.

Our State director (or agency) has signed a CTE Brand User Agreement. Can we now provide copies of the CTE brand logo to other educational partners in our state such as community colleges, school districts, etc.?
Signing the CTE Brand User Agreement provides authorized use of CTE brand materials only for the entity that signs the agreement. Authority to use the CTE brand is not "assignable" to others. Any organization, agency, company or individual who wishes to use the CTE brand must sign a CTE brand user agreement. Why? Because this is not only about gaining access to the use of the logo and other materials. It's about committing to the CTE vision and brand promise and adhering to the CTE brand guidelines—all of which are included in the CTE Brand User Agreement. Simply handing someone the logo for their use without requiring that commitment is out of synch with the CTE brand itself.

Additionally, we want to be able to show broad support and engagement for the brand initiative among the CTE community. The more entities that sign CTE Brand User Agreements, the better able we are to track usage and demonstrate the wide adoption of the CTE brand, vision and brand promise. That's powerful stuff.

We appreciate the ability to customize the CTE brand theme for use in our specific state ("Learning that works for STATE NAME").
Can we take that one step further by replacing the state name with the name of a county, town or school district? The state and national versions of the CTE brand are the only two levels authorized for use. Continuing to dissect the brand theme into even smaller increments reduces both its impact and its value. Every county, town, and school district is part of the state in which it is located. Regardless of the environment in which CTE is being practiced within a state, it is contributing to the success of that state and the nation as a whole.