Share The Vision

CTE Vision Toolkit

Posters of CTE Vision Goals

Hang posters of the vision goals in your office or use them for presentations

CTE Vision:
5 Core Principles
Large Version

24" x 36" — NASDCTEc used the large white border as a place for participants to sign in support of the vision at the Spring meeting of 2010. You can do something similar in your communities using this large poster.

CTE Vision:
5 Core Principles
Small Version

8.5" x 11" — Print this smaller version to frame and sit on your desk or hang on the wall in your office.

Download the Individual Posters for Each of the 5 Core Principles

Note: All posters are 24” x32”. If you would like to re-size the image, be sure adjustments are proportional to the original document.

Present Using the CTE PowerPoint

Use either the short or long version of the CTE Vision PowerPoint when presenting. Talking points are embedded in the notes section and instructions to add a new slide to personalize the PowerPoint are included at the end.

CTE Video

Get others excited about making a difference through CTE! This simple image, when clicked, will lead you to a page on where you can watch the video, read fact sheets about CTE, NASDCTEc and the information in the video, find other Issue Briefs related to the vision and read the vision document in its entirety. To embed this into your website, you can post the image of this “mini-ad” by downloading the JPEG and linking the image to Also, liven-up your presentations by playing this video as an introduction.