Fact Sheets

Know the Issues

  • What is CTE? (June 2017, PDF)
    An overview of what Career Technical Education is (and isn't) with some relevant data to demonstrate its value to those not familiar with CTE
  • CTE and Dual Enrollment (March 2017, PDF)
    An explanation of how CTE and dual enrollment intersect and provide more opportunities for learners
  • CTE and Student Achievement (February 2017, PDF)
    Compelling state and national data on how CTE learners excel in K-12 education, college and careers
  • CTE and Programs of Study (May 2017, PDF)
    An explanation of what programs of study are and how they are tranforming CTE and leading to learner success 
  • CTE Delivery Systems (May 2017, PDF)
    An overview of the variety of ways and places in which CTE can be delivered to learners
  • How States Use Perkins - The Basics (Feb 2017, PDF)
    A summary of the ways in which states leverage Perkins to support CTE

Build Your Case

  • The Value and Promise of CTE Fact Sheet (April 2017, PDF)
    Key data points from the report: "The Value and Promise of Career Technical Eduation: Results from a National Survey of Parents and Students"
  • CTE is the Agenda (Feb 2017, PDF)
    CTE is the jobs agenda, education agenda and infrastructure agenda
  • Funding CTE: An American Imperative (Feb 2017, PDF)
    CTE has been chronically underfunded, which can't continue if we are to support career success for all learners
  • CTE Talking Points: The Basics (November 2014, Word PDF)
    Talking points to help communicate the overall benefits of CTE
  • CTE Talking Points: The Skills Gap (November 2014, WordPDF)
    Talking points on how CTE can help close the skills gap
  • CTE Talking Points: Innovation & Entrepreneurship (November 2014, Word PDF)
    Talking points on how CTE provides opportunities for learners to innovate and be entrepreneurial
  • Career Technical Education: Learning that Works for America (September 2013, PDF)
    An overview of CTE's strengths and how and why it much be integrated into broader college- and career-ready efforts