Fact Sheets

Know the Issues

  • What is CTE? (October 2018, PDF)
    An overview of what Career Technical Education is (and isn't) with some relevant data to demonstrate its value to those not familiar with CTE
  • CTE and Dual Enrollment (October 2018, PDF)
    An explanation of how CTE and dual enrollment intersect and provide more opportunities for learners
  • CTE and Student Achievement (October 2018, PDF)
    Compelling state and national data on how CTE learners excel in K-12 education, college and careers
  • CTE and Programs of Study (October 2018, PDF)
    An explanation of what programs of study are and how they are transforming CTE and leading to learner success 
  • CTE Delivery Systems (October 2018, PDF)
    An overview of the variety of ways and places in which CTE can be delivered to learners
  • How States Use Perkins - The Basics (October 2018, PDF)
    A summary of the ways in which states leverage Perkins to support CTE
  • Understanding the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V) (August 2018, PDF)
    An overview of Perkins including its purpose, how funds are distributed and why Perkins is an investment that matters
  • CTE Teacher and Faculty Shortages (October 2018, PDF)
    An overview of the alignment between CTE teacher and faculty shortages and labor market demands. 
  • CTE and Student Success Initiatives (October 2018, PDF)
    An explanation of why and how CTE and student success initiatives should be integrated to make both more successful.
  • The Role of CTE Statewide Attainment Goals (October 2018, PDF
    An overview of why and how CTE can support and contribute to statewide postsecondary attainment goals.
  • Getting to Know the State CTE Director Role (October 2018, PDF)
    An overview of the roles and responsibilities that fall under the State CTE Director.
  • Career Technical Education Glossary (August 2018, PDF
    This comprehensive glossary describes the terms and phrases frequently used in Career Technical Education (CTE).
  • CTE Prepares Learners for the Future of Work (October 2018, PDF)
    An explanation of how CTE prepares learners for the future of work.
  • CTE 101 (June 2019, PDF)
    An overview of the impact of postsecondary CTE, written in partnership with Higher Learning Advocates. 

Build Your Case

  • How to Communicate About CTE (PDF)
    Core Messages to Communicate CTE
  • The Value and Promise of CTE Fact Sheet (October 2018, PDF)
    Key data points from the report: "The Value and Promise of Career Technical Education: Results from a National Survey of Parents and Students"
  • CTE is the Agenda (October 2018, PDF)
    CTE is the jobs agenda, education agenda and infrastructure agenda
  • Investing in CTE: An American Imperative (April 2019, PDF)
    Illustrates the need for an increased federal investment in CTE 
  • CTE Myths and Facts (October 2018, PDF)
    Addresses key misconceptions and outdated stigmas about CTE