Plan for the Future

A few states have moved beyond marketing and communication in their branding efforts, and they are attempting to plan for the future with the brand in mind. Their work is a great reminder that a brand is about far more than a logo; it is about committing to a shared vision of what quality means in CTE.

Best Practice: Planning for the Future
The CTE branding resources and the CTE vision can serve as inspiration for states as they plan for the future. See how three states have used the CTE brand to implement lasting change and impact. 

Tips for using the brand to plan for the future in your state:

  • Take a look at your foundational documents, including the mission and vision of CTE in your state, and revise them to include more of the CTE Brand Message and the CTE Vision.
  • Develop long-range goals for implementing a well-rounded branding campaign.
  • Introduce state legislation that can provide long-term direction for CTE in your state.
  • Examine all CTE resources your state creates, and work to make sure they are of the highest quality.
  • Develop a speaker series focused on topics that relate to the CTE brand message and the five point of the CTE Vision.

Additional resources from Advance CTE:

These resources can help your state get started on the path to lasting change!