Promote the Message

Websites and social media are a very visible form of communication, and they are also relatively inexpensive as a form of marketing. Branding your state CTE website will help spread the message of CTE and unify you with the national look and feel of CTE.
A number of states are using the CTE logo on the website as well as using the branding resources, messaging and color scheme to create a consistent look and feel.
Tips for branding your website:
  • Use the logo on your main page.
  • Use the brand colors on your entire website – not just the main page.
  • Make sure that the text on your web page shares the brand message.
Whenever possible, embrace traditional forms of media such as radio, television and newspaper. Work through those outlets to share the CTE message to spread a message broadly and quickly.
Tips for working with television, newspapers and radio
  • Put together media packets to educate local journalists about CTE, and include local success stories.
  • Send out press releases to make the media aware of any CTE events that are taking place.
  • Prepare radio spots or podcasts that can be electronically distributed to news media.
12 Months of CTE Promotions
It is helpful to create a promotional calendar to guide your CTE marketing plan. Think about events in that are a natural tie-in for the CTE message. Work ahead to prepare materials or marketing campaigns well in advance. For example, if you plan to do a mailing to coincide with CTE Month in February, you’ll need to have most of your materials printed and ready to go in December.
We recommend you plan at least two months in advance. Of course, the more involved your campaign is, the more lead time you will need. Keep in mind that some advertising vehicles have long lead times (i.e., magazines or newspapers).
Best Practices: 
  • Conference MaterialsMany states have used the CTE logo and tagline as the basis for their conference themes. See the tremendous conference resources two states developed.
  • Communicating Through Traditional Media Outlets:Traditional media outlets – radio, television and newspapers – are a great way to communicate the brand message. See the resources that two states have created in order to reach out to these traditional media outlets.

State examples: