Designing for Equity: Leveraging Competency-Based Education to Ensure All Students Succeed

Competency-based education is an approach that awards academic credit to learners who demonstrate content mastery in a specific subject. Since competency-based education allows learners to move forward at their own pace, it is an educational option that can work for a variety of learner populations and lead to equitable outcomes.

This report from iNACOL provides a vision and definition of educational equity and an equity framework for personalized, competency-based education. The report discusses each principle related to the equity framework, as well as examples of policies and practices that help create an equitable environment and examples of red flags of weak implementation. To promote competency-based education, the report examines the differences between the tradiational education system and competency-based education and provides reccomendations for future actions.

This is a go-to resource for policymakers and stakheolders seeking to implement a competency-based education system and promote equity in education.

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April 2018