Wisconsin Technical College System System-wide Equity Report

Ensuring equitable outcomes for each learner is a challenge that many states face. In 2017, the President’s Committee of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) formed the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Group to promote equity in WTCS. Part of the mission of the work group is to share and implement equity-minded strategies driven by data and root cause analysis to improve learner success outcomes. This report from the WTCS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Group identifies existing gaps in access and achivement for WTCS learners and staff and sets goals to advance equity in inclusion system-wide. The report found that within WTCS:

  • Students of color and students who are female, economically disadvantaged or have disabilities are disproportionately enrolled in programs with the lowest median earnings; and
  • People of color employed at the colleges are over-represented in maintenance and service positions and under-represented in faculty and administration positions. 

A useful report for states interested in examining equity gaps within their postsecondary technical systems, this report outlines three goals to address equity gaps for learners and staff in WTCS.

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December 2018