Career Advisement

Resources on topics such as guidance, counseling, guided pathways, student supports, coaching, individualized learning plans, career awareness and exposure and mentorships

  • Research/ Report
January 2016

This report from Advance CTE and ACTE takes a state-by-state look at CTE-related policies passed in 2015, while drawing out major themes and trends from the year.

  • Case Study
May 2016

This policy brief from Higher Ed for Higher Standards explores strategies states are using to identify students who are at risk of needing remedial education and prepare them for success upon graduation.

  • Research/ Report
July 2016

This report from the Wisconsin Center for Research Evaluation provides the findings of the 2015-2016 pilot year evaluation of Academic and Career Planning (ACP) process and the resulting recommendations.

  • Guide/Tool
June 2017

This tool from the Community College Research Center (CCRC) evaluates how far along postsecondary institutions are towards implementing the essential guided pathways practices at scale.

  • Case Study
September 2017

This report from the Community College Research Center examines the implementation of guided pathways in Ohio community colleges to identify innovations and share lessons learned with other states and institutions beginning the process of developing and implementing guided pathways.

  • Case Study
  • Snapshots
April 2018

This snapshot profiles Oklahoma's progress in the New Skills for Youth initiative. 

  • Case Study
January 2018

This report from the Michigan Center for Student Success examines how 23 Michigan colleges made progress over three years in implementing the guided pathways approach to support college completion and career success.

  • Policy
July 2014

Ohio's HB487 is an expansive education reform bill, addressing a wide array of topics including career guidance, expanding CTE in the middle grades, graduation requirements and industry-recognized credentials.

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