Credentials and Assessments

Resources on topics such as industry-recognized credentials, technical skill assessments, capstone projects and postsecondary degrees and certificates

  • Research/ Report
October 2013

This report from the Center on Education Policy describes how states are defining career readiness and which assessments states and districts are using to measure this attribute, based on a survey of State CTE Directors.

  • Research/ Report
November 2017

This study by the Georgetown Center for Education and the Workforce examines state labor market trends to determine the requisite credentials for good jobs in different industries. The report provides a state-by-state analysis of the top industries and occupations for workers without a BA.

  • Research/ Report
December 2014

This report from Advance CTE examines the employer engagement landscape with a particular focus on the ways in which states can foster and sustain meaningful employer engagement to strengthen their CTE system for all students through policy and practice.

  • Guide/Tool
December 2017

This guide from JFF and Lumina Foundation shares strategies for community colleges to identify credentials of value that are aligned with labor market needs.

  • Research/ Report
March 2018

This brief data point from the National Center for Education Statistics provides an overview of the percentage of adults in the labor force who have postsecondary degrees and other nondegree credentials such as postsecondary certificates, occupational certifications and licenses.

  • Research/ Report
June 2012

With certificate attainment at an all time high, this report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce examines who earns certificates, where they are earning them and the earnings return of certificates.

  • Research/ Report
April 2018

This report from Credential Engine provides a preliminary confirmed count of U.S. credentials available in 2018 and finds that a total of 334,114 credentials exist in the marketplace today. 

  • Guide/Tool
May 2018

This guide from the Workforce Data Quality Campaign, a project of the National Skills Coalition, outlines nine steps states can take to measure attainment of nondegree credentials. 

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