Cross-Sector Strategies and Governance

Resources on topics such as secondary and postsecondary partnerships, cross-sector strategies and governance

  • Policy
January 2004

The Cultural Support Specialists in Wisconsin help learners transition from high school to college by advocating for and providing services to learners to help them overcome some of the structural barriers that can prevent at-risk learners from accessing and succeeding in college.

  • Case Study
October 2016

This policy brief from Advance CTE explores state strategies to build a credential validation system, highlighting promising practices from Florida, Kansas and Louisiana.

  • Case Study
March 2017

This policy analysis from ECS discusses the value and use of connected data systems and identifies the benefits of connecting education data. It examines some of the obstacles preventing states from connecting data, including political and financial constraints, and privacy concerns.

  • Case Study
  • Snapshots
March 2019

This snapshot profiles Delaware’s progress in the New Skills for Youth initiative for the 2018 calendar year.

  • Case Study
January 2019

This brief, the third in the Making Good on the Promise series, maps out steps state leaders can take to rebuild trust in marginalized communities that CTE historically failed to serve equitably. 

  • Guide/Tool
July 2018

This report from the Data Quality Campaign and the Workforce Data Quality Campaign examines strategies to facilitate K-12 and workforce data linkages.

  • Case Study
  • Research/ Report
June 2018

This report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and the National Skills Coalition provides a roadmap of steps southern states may take to establish policies to close their skills gaps.

  • Research/ Report
May 2018

This report from the American Enterprise Institute explores how community colleges could play a more active role in growing the number of apprenticeships nationwide

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