Our Staff

Austin Estes, Senior Policy Associate 
Austin supports Advance CTE’s state policy and implementation strategy by developing resources to elevate high-quality CTE. He also manages the CTE Virtual Institute and supports Advance CTE’s work on the New Skills for Youth initiative. 

Katie Fitzgerald, Communications Manager
Katie manages the organization's communications portfolio, working with State CTE Directors, members and strategic partners to advance the defined mission of Advance CTE.

Kimberly A. Green, Executive Director
Kimberly works directly with the Board of Directors to oversee the accomplishment of the Advance CTE and The Center to Advance CTE vision, missions and goals. Working with the Board, she helps set the direction of the organizations, execute the strategic plan and ensure the integrity and vitality of the organizations.

Meredith Hills, Policy Associate
Meredith supports and advances Advance CTE’s federal and state policy priorities and initiatives, with a specific focus on the postsecondary and workforce areas. 

Nicole Howard, Communications Associate
Nicole is responsible for helping to implement our communications strategy and supporting states in their communications and advocacy efforts. 

Kate Blosveren Kreamer, Deputy Executive Director
Kate works with the Executive Director to oversee the accomplishment of Advance CTE and The Center to Advance CTE's strategic plan and carry out the mission and vision of the organization. She serves as an organizational spokesperson, and specializes in state policy and strategic communications.

Brianna McCain, Policy Associate
Brianna supports Advance CTE’s state policy and implementation strategy through the collection and development of resources that support the adoption and implementation of high-quality CTE policies and programs. Brianna also maintains the Learning that Works Resource Center.

Ashleigh McFadden, State Policy Manager
Ashleigh serves as the State Policy Manager at Advance CTE, where she manages the organization’s role in the New Skills for Youth initiative, among other grants and contracts. She also oversees Advance CTE’s state policy and implementation strategy.

Andrea Zimmermann, Senior Associate, Member Engagement & Leadership Development 
Andrea manages outreach and engagement with Advance CTE members, ensuring the organization is anticipating and meeting members’ needs, and helping to advance our organizational goals. She also leads our work with new State Directors and our bi-annual meetings.